5 Reasons For Pursuing Training In The Electrical Trade

2 November 2020
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If you are thinking about making a career change, you should consider pursuing an electrician trade school to ge your electrician certification. There are lots of reasons why it makes sense to pursue a career in the electrical trade.

Reason #1: Solid Pay

When you assess potential careers, one of the things you should look at is the pay that you will make. Electricians, within the overall construction trade, make a very good wage. The median wage for an electrician in the government is $62,940, within the manufacturing industry is $60,000, and as an electrical contractor, the industry median is $54,630.

You will make less when you are an apprentice and more once are a fully trained electrician, and there are opportunities to advance and work in different industries. If you are looking for a real living wage, you will find it as an electrician.

Reason #2: Affordable Training

Next, the training to become an electrician is affordable. You don't have to go into the same debt level that students do who attend two- and four-year universities. The cost is much lower, and you can often work and go through your training simultaneously. You can even take advantage of paid apprenticeship opportunities while you undergo your training. 

Reason #3: Interesting Work

Working a job that requires you to do the same thing every day can get boring fast. Luckily, being an electrician is never dull. As an electrician, the actual work that you will do each day will be different.

You will get to engage in hands-on work that is continuously changing. You will have to use critical thinking skills daily, solve problems, and come up with solutions in your day-to-day work.

Reason #4: Varied Working Environment

If you don't like to sit in the office all day, a career as an electrician can be an excellent fit for you. Often, as an electrician, you will be on the move, working in different offices and homes throughout the day, or on different construction sites.

Reason #5: Various Career Opportunities

Finally, with an electrician certificate, you will be able to pursue various career opportunities. You can work for a company that services residential homes, or you can work for a company that services commercial buildings. You can even get a government job as an electrician, you can work on construction sites, or you can work for an industrial company. There are lots of directions to take your career.

If you want a career that will pay you a great wage and provide you with an engaged working environment and exciting work to do daily, you should consider attending an electrician trade school.